Quickly Improve Your Vocabulary And Watch Your Career Skyrocket

If you use Ultimate Vocabulary for 10 minutes a day for just one month, we guarantee that you will build a powerful vocabulary that will boost your success to new levels – or we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

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Ultimate Vocabulary provides industry-leading vocabulary training software:

  • Learn words easily and remember them forever – Ultimate Vocabulary is the only program to use proven science to make vocabulary building fast and easy.
  • Discover the perfect words for YOUR needs. Access lists created by world-leading vocabulary experts, or make your own lists from the unparalleled 142,647 word database.
  • We take you by the hand and guide you to a powerful vocabulary. You get step-by-step help from a real person.
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If You Want To Be Successful, You MUST Build A Powerful Vocabulary.

Whether it’s fair or not, people judge you by the words you use. Study after study has PROVEN that people who can use and understand a wide range of words enjoy success, status, and higher incomes. Imagine you’re being interviewed for a high-paying position and the decision maker uses a word like ‘salient’ or ‘semantic.’ If you understand the meaning of these words, you can impress the interviewer and gain a big advantage over the other candidates. If you’re a student and you want to get higher grades and improve your academic performance, a profound knowledge of vocabulary is a MUST. It’s not an option. Here are just some of the benefits a powerful vocabulary will bring to your life:

Put Your Communication Skills In The Top 1%

Impress people with how well you speak,
and make every word count.

Boost Your Career

CEOs and managers will immediately assume
that you’re more competent and educated.

Instant Respect And Credibility

People will start to pay attention to you
and begin to follow your lead.

Become An Amazing Writer

Write blog posts, articles, and books
that amaze your audience.

Ace The GRE, SAT, GMAT, And Other IQ Tests

Ultimate Vocabulary even includes
authoritative lists for most popular exams.

Communicate With Power

Be respected for your command
of the English language.


Learn Words Easily. And Remember Them Forever.

If you want to build your vocabulary, merely memorizing definitions just isn’t enough. Research proves that in order to increase your vocabulary you need deeper information on words. Scientists call this “elaboration” and “depth of processing.” Ultimate Vocabulary uses this proven science to make vocabulary building fun, easy, and fast. For every word in Ultimate Vocabulary, you can view 50 usage examples, images, encyclopedic entries, visual information, and more. Be confident with words and amaze others with your communication skills.

Powerful Word Database

Powerful Word Database

Ultimate Vocabulary includes a powerful word database that goes far beyond a normal dictionary. Access 50 usage examples, visual information, Wikipedia entries, and much more.

See Your Words Come Alive

See Your Words Come Alive

With Ultimate Vocabulary, you can see your words come alive!

Be Confident With Words

Be Confident With Words

Use the proven principles of elaboration and depth of processing to ensure you’re confident in using new words, and that you remember them forever.

Help in Other Languages

Help In Other Languages

Ultimate Vocabulary can even give you help and translations in virtually any language.

  • “It is because of the thoroughness and flexibility of this application that we find Ultimate Vocabulary to be the best vocabulary software available.”


  • “Ultimate Vocabulary is without question the best vocabulary building software we have tried to date.”


  • “We recommend Ultimate Vocabulary as the best vocabulary software on the market today.”


  • “Ultimate vocabulary is the only vocabulary building technology that engages you in a fun and exciting way to accelerate your learning.”



Access 142,647 Words. Then Get The Perfect List For Your Needs.

With Ultimate Vocabulary, you have a massive database of over 142,647 words at your disposal. But the real power is in the lists. You can make your own lists or use the built-in lists. Ultimate Vocabulary contains 193 built-in lists created with the input of over 23 world-leading vocabulary experts. Pick (or make) the right list for your needs and immediately boost your vocabulary study into high gear.

193 Built-In Word Lists

193 Built-In Word Lists

Ultimate Vocabulary contains 193 built-in lists created with the input of over 23 world-leading vocabulary experts. Use these lists and immediately get the vocabulary skill you need to succeed.

Make Your Own Word Lists

Make Your Own Word Lists

Make your own lists using any words you want to learn. Then let all of Ultimate Vocabulary’s activities, word databases, games, and tracking automatically go to work to teach you the words on your lists.

Ultimate Vocabulary is the only program to train you in all the areas you need to reach your potential, including:

    • Subvocalization EliminationThis means not “saying the words in your head” as you read them.
    • Regression Elimination This means not unnecessarily going back over what you read.
    • Fixation Expansion This means learning to recognize large chunks of words together.
    • Eye Muscle Fitness Ultimate Vocabulary trains your eyes like a gym trains your muscles.
    • Full-Brain Utilization Use more of your brain to take in and process information quickly and efficiently.
    • Information Processing Speed up the rate at which your brain can process new information.
    • Memory Develop an almost photographic memory for everything you read.
    • Comprehension Achieve comprehension rates of 94%-98%, even at 3-10 times your original reading speed.

Make Vocabulary Fun And Automatic.

Ultimate Vocabulary is the only vocabulary program to give you scientifically designed games. As you play the fun and addictive games, you’re mastering your word list automatically. Simply play for a few minutes each day and soon (usually within a week) you’ll find yourself using and understanding hundreds of new vocabulary words. The games work to teach you any word list – including your own custom lists. Mastering even the most advanced words becomes easy and fun with these interactive games.

Cool Games

Cool Games

Simply play the fun games for a few minutes each day, and your vocabulary will improve automatically.

Scientifically Designed

Scientifically Designed

The games and activities use scientifically proven learning principles such as depth of processing, elaboration, and spaced repetition. This makes it fun, fast, and easy to improve your vocabulary.

Complete Confidence

Complete Confidence

In addition to being fun, the games give you complete confidence with the words you’re learning. You’ll never be embarrassed about misusing a word again.

Play With Any Word List

Play With Any Word List

You can use all the games and activities to learn any word list – the games even work with your own custom lists!

Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

The games are so fun and addictive that you’ll find yourself looking forward to improving your vocabulary. It’s the most entertaining way to become a powerful communicator and boost your success.


Learn Words While You Work. Without Even Trying.

With Ultimate Vocabulary, you can learn words while you work on your computer, with practically zero effort. Simply enable Word Messenger and continue whatever you were doing. Then, Ultimate Vocabulary will display a pop-up window to periodically remind you of words as you work. Scientists call this “spaced repetition” – and it’s been proven to dramatically increase your learning and memory. Building your vocabulary is easier than ever.

Learn Words Without Trying!

Ultimate Vocabulary can periodically remind you of your words as you work. Learn new words without even trying!


We Take You By The Hand And Guide You To A Powerful Vocabulary.

Having the right software technology to improve your vocabulary is a powerful advantage. But it’s only the beginning of what Ultimate Vocabulary will do for you. Ultimate Vocabulary uses the latest video technology to give you ultra-personal help. All your instruction comes from your personal trainer in stunning video quality. This helps you to build your vocabulary faster, and shaves months off your learning curve.

Personal Help

Personal Help

Your personal coach takes you by the hand and helps you at every step. Vocabulary building is now easy for everyone.

Personalized Training

Personalized Training

Your training program is customized to meet your specific needs.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Learn from the world’s foremost vocabulary experts and you can be in the top 1% of communicators.


Track Your Progress And See Yourself Improving.

Ultimate Vocabulary uses cutting-edge technology to track your progress and customize your learning. Any time you do anything in Ultimate Vocabulary, the software tracks your activity. Ultimate Vocabulary then uses this information to customize your learning for maximum results. Not only will you learn faster, you’ll also be motivated as you see yourself improving.

Advanced Tracking

Advanced Tracking

Ultimate Vocabulary uses cutting-edge technology to track your progress and adapt each exercise to your individual needs. Any time you do anything in Ultimate Vocabulary, the software tracks your activity. Ultimate Vocabulary then uses this information to customize your learning for maximum results. Not only will you learn faster, you’ll also be motivated as you see yourself improving.

Customized Learning

Customized Learning

Ultimate Vocabulary automatically customizes your learning to help you improve faster.

See Yourself Improving

See Yourself Improving

See how a few minutes each day translates into a measurable improvement in your vocabulary.


Print Thousands of Worksheets, Word Lists, Flash Cards, And More.

With Ultimate Vocabulary you can easily print word lists, worksheets, and flashcards. You can base printouts on any word list – including your own custom lists. Just select a list, press a button, and Ultimate Vocabulary generates the printouts automatically. Easily print a single copy for yourself, or multiple copies for the whole group. This feature is ideal for teachers, parents, and individuals.

Print Worksheets

Print Worksheets

Print thousands of worksheets and flash cards from any list – even your own custom list.

Print Flash Cards

Print Flash Cards

Print high quality flash cards. You can easily make multiple copies of any printout.

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Compare Ultimate Vocabulary 2014

Are you considering another vocabulary program? If so, we are more than happy for you to compare us to the other products. We have not named any other products here – but if you’re considering another program we would recommend checking that it has all the important features you need to make your vocabulary study program effective, efficient, and fun.

  • Feature
  • Number of usage examples displayed per word
  • Number of words
  • Edit and add new words
  • Includes in-depth video teaching
  • Rhymes, etymology, visualization, encyclopedic content
  • Number of interactive test types
  • Number of games and activities
  • Tracks and graphs your progress
  • User friendliness
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista,
    Windows XP
  • Passive word reminders
  • Number of audio pronunciations
  • Ability to create your own custom lists from any word
  • Built-in dictionary and thesaurus
  • Can use ALL features of the software with your own word lists
  • Make your own notes on words
  • Can assign images to words
  • Guaranteed to be more effective than any other program
  • Printing ability
  • Customizes learning automatically
  • Number of users supported
  • Stores all word lists, progress, and settings separately for each user
  • Ultimate Vocabulary™
  • 50-60
  • More than 142,647
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 7
  • 18
  • Yes
  • Latest Windows technology as of 2014
  • Yes
  • Word MessengerTM
  • More than 20,000
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Worksheets, flash cards, study lists
  • Yes
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Other Product
  • 3-4
  • Less than 2,300
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • 1
  • 1
  • No
  • Built for Windows 95
  • No
  • No
  • Less than 2,300
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Study lists only
  • No
  • 1-2
  • No

How Much is a Powerful Vocabulary Worth to You?

As we showed you earlier, research proves that a powerful vocabulary is the strongest predictor for career and life success. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many vocabulary building solutions require a large financial investment.

Here are some of the options and their costs:

  • The CD programs that were popular in the 80′s and 90′s cost between $100-$400
  • Some old vocabulary software programs that don’t come close to Ultimate Vocabulary (see the table above) are charging more than $200
  • English schools and private tutors can easily cost $1,000-$10,000

Based on the price of other inferior solutions, marketing consultants have recently suggested that Ultimate Vocabulary 2014 should cost at least $299.

Special Limited Time Price

Even though Ultimate Vocabulary is far more powerful than some vocabulary building solutions that cost more than $400, we believe that vocabulary building should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, to celebrate the release of version 2014, we are offering a special limited-time price to the next handful of people who download Ultimate Vocabulary today.

Download Ultimate Vocabulary today, and you’ll be eligible to secure Ultimate Vocabulary for the strictly limited-time price of just $67.

Special Bonus – Get The FULL Versions Of 2 More Programs

To help you get the most out of Ultimate Vocabulary, we’re also giving you FULL versions of 2 more programs. These valuable programs are yours free when you download Ultimate Vocabulary today.

Bonus #1 – 270 Words You Must Know (A $67 Value)
Bonus Ebook - Learn to Speed Read

270 Words You Must Know gives you a crash course on the 270 words every educated adult absolutely must know. You get access to the full software program that contains 10 in-depth video lessons, quizzes, and online tracking. Our customers love to have this program in combination with Ultimate Vocabulary to kick-start their journey to academic and professional success.

Bonus #2 – Business Grammar Success (A $97 Value)
Bonus Ebook - Advanced Memory Techniques

Powerful communication is based on to two things – vocabulary and grammar. This is why Business Grammar Success is a perfect complement to Ultimate Vocabulary. This complete software-based course covers everything you need to write perfect emails and letters. Avoid common mistakes that make you look bad and make sure your writing impresses the right people every time. You get access to the full software program that contains 5 in-depth audio lessons, quizzes, tips, and online tracking.

It’s one thing for a company to promise that they’ll give you your money back if you don’t enjoy their product. That doesn’t say much.

We want our guarantee to show you exactly how sure we are that our software is the best in the market:

We’re confident that Ultimate Vocabulary is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to improve your vocabulary, communication, and success.

If you don’t feel that Ultimate Vocabulary has improved vocabulary dramatically and met all of your expectations, we will not only give you a full refund of your money… we will also pay you $50!

A full refund and $50 in your pocket…

As you can see, you stand to lose nothing. You only stand to gain.

Either Ultimate Vocabulary does everything we promise it will do, or you make $50.

Download Ultimate Vocabulary now by clicking on the green button below and see
why we’re so willing to put our cash on the line!

How To Access Ultimate Vocabulary In The Next Five Minutes…

  • There is no need to wait. You can start downloading Ultimate Vocabulary in just 5 minutes! We urge you to take the final step and try this powerful technology immediately!.

  • Yes! I want to boost my vocabulary and success starting right now! I understand that I will only be charged the special limited price of $67 and can get a full refund any time within the 12 month guarantee period.

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Within 5 minutes, you’ll receive download instructions for Ultimate Vocabulary and your FREE bonus!
Orders are processed via our corporate site www.ereflect.com which is secured by GeoTrust. All transactions are guaranteed to be secure and are covered by our 12 month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Praise For Ultimate Vocabulary

  • “It is because of the thoroughness and flexibility of this application that we find Ultimate Vocabulary to be the best vocabulary software available.”


  • “Ultimate Vocabulary is without question the best vocabulary building software we have tried to date”


  • “We recommend Ultimate Vocabulary as the best vocabulary software on the market today.”


  • “Ultimate vocabulary is the only vocabulary building technology that engages you in a fun and exciting way to accelerate your learning.”


  • “The people behind this great program have done their work flawlessly.”


  • “Ultimate Vocabulary is by far the most sophisticated vocabulary builder I’ve used to date…. it has become my default program for building my own vocabulary.”


  • “Ultimate Vocabulary makes learning words fun and easy.”


  • “We really think you’ll find Ultimate Vocabulary helpful if you want to improve your vocabulary”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know a lot about computers?

Absolutely not! Ultimate Vocabulary has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

Does Ultimate Vocabulary have audio pronunciations?

Yes, Ultimate Vocabulary has 20,234 high quality accent-neutral audio pronunciations. Unlike many programs, the pronunciations are a recording of a real human voice. This will ensure that you always know how to say a word the right way. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Ultimate Vocabulary?

No, Ultimate Vocabulary is a fully-featured windows program that you download and run on your own computer. You can use Ultimate Vocabulary without an internet connection. Additionally, when you are online, Ultimate Vocabulary will give you even more value by scanning online resources related to your word lists. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

Do you provide a trial version?

All purchases come complete with our special 12 month guarantee. Get Ultimate Vocabulary today and see if it meets your needs. If for any reason you don’t think the program meets your needs, just uninstall/disable the program (this takes 10 minutes) and contact us for a prompt and courteous refund. That way, there is no risk to you. If you don’t like the product, just contact us and we’ll provide you with a full refund. In addition, if you decide to collect a refund, you can keep your $160 worth of free bonuses as a gift.

Ultimate Vocabulary is not “shareware.” Rather, it is a professional product that has had a large sum of money invested into it. Releasing “shareware” versions on cheap download sites encourages piracy. Over time, this means that honest consumers have to pay more as software companies increase prices to offset the cost of piracy. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

How does the guarantee work?

When you download Ultimate Vocabulary your credit card is billed. However, this is not viewed by us as a permanent transaction until 12 months have passed. If you decide to cancel your purchase any time within 12 months, we transfer the full purchase price back to your credit card.

Please note that we take our guarantee policy very seriously and always provide a full refund to anyone who returns the software during the guarantee period. The process required to get a refund takes 10 minutes and we give you simple instructions to do this.

We believe that this kind of guarantee is good business practice because it reduces risk for the consumer. Further, as a credit card holder, you can easily dispute (chargeback) a transaction any time you like. Even though this will never be necessary, it does provide some consumers additional peace of mind. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now ).

How do I know you’re a legitimate company?

This is a fair question. Even though 99% of Internet sites are legitimate, there is the unfortunate 1% of scammers who make life difficult for the rest of us. You can be sure eReflect are legitimate because we are backed by top internet security company GeoTrust. When you purchase Ultimate Vocabulary, you will be paying via our corporate site www.ereflect.com, which is secured by GeoTrust (you can check this by looking at the address bar when you get to our order screen). Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

How did you choose the “Ultimate Words”?

Ultimate Words TM represent the ultimate collection of words recommended by vocabulary experts today. The long process of creating the ultimate word collection involved analyzing the input of over 30 published vocabulary experts. Input from experts on powerful communication as well as experts on standardized tests was used for the various word list categories.

First we typed each and every word from our wide range of vocabulary building experts into an advanced computer system. Then, we analyzed and re-analyzed the words using proprietary computer software to find out which words most experts recommend. Finally, we divided the words into 10 progressive, easy-learning levels, making it easy for you to work at your own pace and learn the right words for any situation.

The result: the most powerful and authoritative vocabulary words available today. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

How does Ultimate Vocabulary’s Word Discover TechnologyTM work?

Ultimate Vocabulary’s Word DiscoverTM automatically gathers information about your words from online databases. Because of this, the information available on the words you are studying is almost limitless. Word DiscoverTM also has a comprehensive local database so you can learn words while you are not connected to the Internet.

Word DiscoverTM comes set up with a number of useful resources. However, you can also define your own resources using over 10,000 supported online databases. Word DiscoverTM uses special technology that knows how to communicate with online resources/websites and gather information on your words automatically.

The result is a better understanding of the words you are studying. When you have more information on words you are free to choose how you want to learn and you also tend to remember words a lot better. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

Is all the Word DiscoverTM information available for dictionary words as well as the Ultimate Words?

Yes, this information is available for all the words in the 142,647 word dictionary. In that way Ultimate Vocabulary can be seen as a massive word reference as well as a vocabulary builder. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

How long will it take before my vocabulary starts improving?

If you use Ultimate Vocabulary for 10-15 minutes per day, you will see a significant improvement within one week. After 3-4 weeks you will see a dramatic improvement. At this point people will really start to notice your improved communication skills! Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

What is the purpose of the tests?

The intention of tests is more than just assessment. During the tests you will be required to think about the words, recognize them, recall them, understand them, match them to synonyms and antonyms, and more. This will cement a strong understanding of the words so you will never forget them. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

What is “setting a word as mastered”?

As you progress through a level, Ultimate Vocabulary can remember which words you have mastered and exclude them from exercises and tests. This allows you to avoid wasting time re-reviewing words you already know well, and helps you focus on learning new words. Once you have mastered a word it will be part of your communication forever. You are on your way to huge self improvement! Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

What is Word MessengerTM?

Afraid you will forget a word in a few weeks time? Fear not! Word Messenger will subtly remind you of words as you work. The reminders look like instant messages and slide up on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Word Messenger is fully configurable. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now

Can I use Ultimate Vocabulary’s exercises and test to teach myself my own word lists?
Does Ultimate Vocabulary support multiple users?

Yes, Ultimate Vocabulary supports an unlimited number of users. Test results and settings are tracked and stored separately for each user. Click Here To Download Ultimate Vocabulary Now