SAT Vocabulary Exercise: Synonyms and Antonyms

As you know, the SAT and GRE vocabulary sections will not only test you on your understanding and ability to use words in context, they will ask you to identify synonyms and antonyms of words. In order to study for this type of quiz, it’s often helpful to concentrate on learning word roots. Check your knowledge of synonyms and antonyms with these two quick tests. Again, this is not an on-line test, so you might find it useful to print the page out first.


Pick the answer that most closely matches the target word’s meaning.

1. acquiesce

a) acknowledge
b) restate
c) consent
d) interfere

2. distend

a) abandon
b) dangle
c) straighten
d) bloat

3. hackneyed

a) trite
b) equine
c) serrated
d) jointed

4. kindle

a) befriend
b) match
c) twirl
d) enflame

5. querulous

a) inquiring
b) complaining
c) rotating
d) glittering

6. whet

a) reduce
b) sharpen
c) initiate
d) finish


Pick the answer that most closely describes the opposite of the target word’s meaning.

1. irascible

a) cheerful
b) scratchy
c) quick
d) inconsistent

2. squander

a) perambulate
b) waste
c) inflate
d) hoard

3. guile

a) temper
b) honesty
c) loyalty
d) independence

4. zany

a) acrobatic
b) uninteresting
c) serious
d) tempestuous

5. listless

a) energetic
b) upright
c) fond
d) speechless

6. xeric

a) ossuary
b) humid
c) misspelled
d) intransigent

We’ll be reviewing synonyms and antonyms in the future, and discussing strategies for learning and identifying words in context. If you have any questions about synonyms or antonyms, or about today’s test, leave them in the comments.

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