Technology is Tops in Latest Oxford English Dictionary Entries

The information age and all of its associated technical tools has created changes in our lifestyles, work habits, and even the way we learn. But the English language is keeping up with this fast-paced evolution and adding new words to the dictionary so that we always have the language we need to describe what we see around us. Of course, with this latest batch of words that are all related to computing and the virtual universe, perhaps “see” isn’t the right word. No matter what senses you use to experience your world, you can always find the words you need to make sense out of it in the Oxford English Dictionary.

A single entry on Twitter; sometimes refers to any short message sent to someone else via text or SMS.

Using input, suggestions, and information contributed by a large group of people, generally using the internet, to come up with solutions or solve problems.

A device that allows people to download and read books, magazines, and other “print” materials using a text display screen. Many e-readers also store those materials so that they can be read at any time.

An obsession with, or focused study and knowledge of, some subject that is uncommon or unusual, frequently related to technology.

To comment and report on an event via an online blog or website while that event is taking place.

The box or image (generally containing text or explanation) that appears when you move the pointer or cursor on a computer screen over a specified area that has been pre-programmed to display that popup.

To drop someone off your contacts list on a social media site like Facebook; now often used to mean cutting off communication with an acquaintance in the real world due to a disagreement.