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Word of the Day: Perseverance

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Surveys have shown that only 1 in 5 people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions and accomplish their goals. What’s more, 2 in 5 people give up even trying to keep their resolutions before the end of January! If you’re struggling to stick to your goals of incorporating vocabulary study into your daily routine, it might help you to think about all of the benefits a good vocabulary can bring to your life. You’ll soon see why perseverance, continuing to make an effort in spite of obstacles, pays off.

Vocabulary building can be fun! Today’s word, perseverance, has its roots in the Latin word severus, as does the English word severe. But don’t think that studying words has to be hard or boring – you can build your vocabulary by reading books, by playing word games, and by taking some time to explore the history of a word.

You can learn multiple words at once. When you’ve found one new word for your vocabulary list, you can instantly multiply that by the number of synonyms for the word. For example, synonyms for the word perseverance include dedication, fortitude, resolution, and tenacity.

Vocabulary helps you develop your creativity. An excellent way to make sure you truly know a word and how to use it correctly is to create several sentences using that word. When I finish learning the 25 words on my current list, I will reward my perseverance by treating myself to a good movie and some popcorn.

Vocabulary helps you succeed. Added to the short-term success of accomplishing your daily, weekly, and monthly vocabulary-learning goals, the long-term success that a good vocabulary brings is due to your increased ability to communicate and impress people with your verbal and written skills. Keep that in mind when you feel ready to give up, and persevere with your study program – you won’t regret it.